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Certificate Academics

Classes in RED are series courses and must be taken in order, and registered for all courses at once.


Upon FULL completion of courses taken a certificate will be earned by the student 

(Some classes have an internship)

1. Deliverance & Healing 101-106

1a. Introduction to Deliverance

1b. Deliverance & Healing Internship

1c. Deliverance & Healing Touch Down Internship.

2. Discipleship 101 (For The Body)

2a Discipleship (For Leadership)

2b. Discipleship (Church Discipline)

3. Licensing & Ordination (Requirements)

4. Intro To Apostolic

4a. Apostolic Ministry

4b. Apostolic Ministry (Transitioning)

4c. Ephesians 4:11-13

4d. Apostolic Governance

5. 501c3 Preparation (HOLD)

6. Salvation

6a. Salvation (Clause)

7. Holy Spirit

8. What Is A Calling & Spiritual Gift

8a. Gifts & Callings 101

8b. Gifts & Callings 102

8c. Gifts & Callings 103

8d. Recognizing and Building-Up

9. Tongues

10. Prophetic (5 part series)

10a. Prophetic Empowerment

11. Altar Call (Apostolic Leaders) (Deliverance)

12. Leadership (5 part series)

13. Message Delivery

13a. Speech

14. Christian Counseling (Requirements)

15. Web Design

16. Business Plan Preparation

17. Page Turners Book Club

(Social Interactive Book Club)

17. Become an author

18. Ministry Leader Workshops

19. Know Thyself 101-102 

20. Who Is the Church?

21. Church Discipline

22. Servant to Servanthood

23. Disciple & Discipleship

23b. Discipleship Essentials

24. Accountability & Responsibility

25. Salvation: Extending, Clause, The Good News, How do you know you're saved.

26. Prayer & Worship 101-102

26a. Prayer & Worship (Practical)

27. Cheerful Giver

28. Five-Fold Ministry

29. What Is A Testimony

30. Liturgical Garments (Clergy)

31. What is a Ministry: Mission, Vision, Scripture

32. Ordinances

33. Ministry Etiquette & Protocol

34. Time Management

35. Following Directions

more classes not listed...

(Churches ONLY)

Ministry Leadership Training/Workshops for Churches looking to TRANSITION into Apostolic Ministry or be trained in these areas. Your church maybe Apostolic however you may need assistance with helping your leaders/congregation with training and transition. 

3 Day interactive training for the entire congregation no minimum required. Regardless of the number of people the same thorough teaching will be shared. Each course day is 6 hours of training and practical teachings. 

1. What Is Apostolic Ministry 

2. What Is Apostolic Governance

3. Deliverance & Healing 101

4.. Ministry Protocol & Etiquette for Leaders

5. Ministry Altar Call

Ministry Workshop for Pastors: 

  • A Call to Apostolic Order Teaching with set courses.

  • 3 Courses selected by the pastor 


All workshops are 3 days of trainings.

FEE of $35 per person, per course. Text book is optional..


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