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Welcome to Our School

Congratulations on taking the fiorst step to earning your certificate, degree or continuing your ministerial education. Thank you for considering SSCE as your home. We would love to have you as part of our student body. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email, we would be more than happy to assist you.


Stepping Stone Christian Education was founded by Apostle Dr. Asia Turner in 2015. Dr. Turner is spirit-filled, and the Apostle at Mount Zion of Fire Deliverance Ministry in Las Vegas, NV; she mentors many pastors and leaders in ministry.

​God Instructed Dr. Turner to establish a school to train men and women within the five-fold ministry to walk in their God-giving call and excel in their positions in ministry. She has seen many people with titles in ministry who are not equipped to be in leadership due to a lack of training.

Dr. Turner stands on the belief that untrained leaders cause chaos, and disorder in the body of Christ; because laity is looking to the leaders; a know-it-all spirit also causes a halt in the movement of the Holy Spirit.

SSCE believes that wisdom, knowledge, and understanding come through the Word of God.  She believes there is a time of calling, a time of preparation, and a time of sending; she believe a person's preparation for ministry will determine his/her ability to SERVE effectively in their calling.  SSCE is an Apostolic educational biblical School committed to educating and training Christian men and women to serve with excellence in their field of Christian service, such as: Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Licensed Ministers, Ordained Elders, Missionaries, Organizational Leaders, Biblical Educators, Biblical Counselors, Administrators, Managers, and other Christian workers and all born-again believers.

SSCE, currently doesn't have a physical campus. However, classes are offered via distance learning, and all programs are completed through home study. 

In order to carry on an effective 21st Christian ministry one must be fully trained and equipped for service. SSCE programs will take you steadfastly through the Holy Scriptures and other biblical, theological and ministerial subjects essential for ministry.  At SSCE you will be fully developed for effective full-time Christian ministry; you will be fully trained and equipped in whatever your area of service may be.

The decision to attend Stepping Stone Christian Education is a step into an oasis of opportunity. Distinct in its blend of tradition and innovation, SSCE is building the lives of its students to impact the world for Christ through the various professions, ministries, and businesses to which God has called them. We invite you to be apart of a wonderful opportunity.

Yours in Christian Education

Apostle Dr. Asia D. Turner (Chancellor & Founder)

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