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To Pastor's

We need more leaders who understand what it means to SERVE, who will have a heart after God, loyalty to the pastor and the vision of the church, hungry for more and who walk in a teachable spirit. 


Pastor, do you have leaders who have a heart to serve, but only do so when they are instructed?  They take no initiative by themselves. 


Do you have leaders who don’t understand leadership?  They show up late, but come early when it is their time to shine… want pulpit time, but don’t want to work… they are there to eat at our fellowship dinners, but leave before clean up time. 

I've been in ministry twenty years and have seen Pastors face the universal problem of Developing Church Leadership. Most Pastor's, have ministers and leaders in their church that come from a variety of inadequate church training and experience. Many times it is “leadership” or the lack of leadership that becomes our biggest trouble.   

The lack of biblical submission to authority, the “I know more than you” or “we never did it that way where I come from” attitude and the "let me tell you what to do" spirit. They will say that they are in covenant relationship with you and have a loyalty to you and the ministry until things don’t go their way, then they leave and go to the Church down the street.  


This is why we are extending to you an invitation for your ministers and lay leaders to participate in the Stepping Stone Christian Education for Apostolic Leaders. 


This program equips emerging leaders with an understanding of biblical leadership principles and helps them develop practical application, causing them to be more effective in ministering to their communities.



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