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Tuition Ministerial Program

Stepping Stone Christian Education pricing is designed to be affordable so anyone can take our programs. We offer payment plans for those who are unable to pay in a lump sum. 

Fees for Tuition

$880 (Payment Arrangements are granted)

FEES for Books

Deliverance & Healing Curriculum 101 $35


FEES out of Pocket Expense for the Student:

  1. Black suit pants, shirt, or if a woman desires to wear a skirt (All Students)

  2. Black suit pants, black shirt (Minister in Training M.I.T.)

  3. Clergy Tab Collar shirt (Licensed Minister)

  4. Clergy Roman Collar shirt (Ordained Elder)

  5. 32 Button Black Cassock with Cincture (Ordained Elder)

  6. Students are responsible for purchasing all books required.

If you're simply looking to enhance your spiritual growth you can take a class and receive a Sealed Certificate of Completion. Single classes are $35 each.

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