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Earn a Bachelor's in Christian Education in 5 Courses
Summer June-August (1)
Fall August-October (1)
October-December (1)
Spring January-April (2)

Holiday Break

Jobs at a Christian School or Childcare:

  • Student Service Advisor

  • Adjunt/Faculty

  • Kindergarten School Teacher

  • Elementary Principal

  • Admission Recruiter

  • Resident Manager

  • Private Teacher

  • Associate Professor or Instructor

Associates Degree...This degree will be awarded to students who have completed a minimum of 60 semester hours of study or its equivalent.

Academic Schedule

Spring Enrollment

Fall Enrollment

Summer April-August (1)   
Fall August-December (2) 

Winter December-April (3) 

Fall August-December(1)   
Spring December-April (2) 
Winter April-August (3)

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