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Our Vision:

Stepping Stone Christian Education (SSCE) has a vision to train and equip men and women to be effective leaders in the body of Christ, the community, the nation, and the world.

​Our mandate is to train students in the five-fold ministry, as well as to equip and mobilize believers to be active, effective members of God's kingdom. Many graduates will become full-time ministers; others lay leaders in their local churches; and other leaders in politics, education, and business.

The greatest knowledge one could ever acquire is a thorough understanding of God’s Word. God desires that we raise up an army of believers who are skilled in spiritual warfare and applying the Word of God.

Our programs balance training in academics, practical ministry, leadership, Spirit-led living, and ministering with power. SSCE endeavors to equip students to be people of character and maturity, and ministers of excellence and power in whatever area God calls them to serve.

Our Mission:

  • Equipping Students with Passion, Purpose & Potential

Equipping Students with Passion — This is For Him.
At SSCE, we seek to equip our students with a passion for God that overshadows a passion for all else. The most important thing in the world is loving God. Thus, we are fervently committed to imparting to our students a passionate love for God, which is the foundation of survival in the Kingdom of God.

  • Equipping Students with Purpose — This is For You. 

We believe that every Christian has a general purpose of loving God and loving people through preaching, teaching, and mobilizing them. However, we also believe that every person comes equipped with a specific, God-given destiny for their life. Thus, we strive to help people explore their unique, God-given purpose.

  • Equipping Students with Potential — This is For Others. 

Every person has an enormous potential to be a blessing to those around them. Therefore, we strive to equip our students to give themselves without reservation to the awesome privilege of being used to minister to people all around them, in their unique, God-given way.

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