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We know many of you have questions...and we have answers. 

Q & A

Is the Associate's degree FREE? YES!

What degree is being offered for free? Associates ONLY

Why do I have to write an essay? Potential students are required to write a short essay about why they would like to attend Stepping Stone Christian Education. The essay is really to see how serious students are and to weed out the people who are not serious.

What days are Orientation?

March 9, 2024, 10 a.m. PST ZOOM MEETING

March 16, 2024, 10 a.m. PST ZOOM MEETING


(Please note the TIME ZONE DIFFERENCE.

Students are required to attend at least one orientation. You MUST attend an orientation to attend SSCE.

How can I attend Orientation? ZOOM LINKS will be emailed to REGISTERED STUDENTS 

What forms do I need to submit for enrollment? Go to, and hover over FREE ASSOCIATE'S. In the drop-down box are PDF Printable forms click the link. Print all forms 1-10. Return all forms that require a signature and keep the other pages for your reference. Provide a copy of your DL or State ID and any certificates you have received in or out of ministry. ALL FORMS must be signed completed and returned. 

When is the FIRST day of class? ALL STUDENTS will attend the first day of class on April 06, 2024

What is the deadline for registration? March 29, 2024...This means that ALL your documents must be in our office no later than this date.

Will there be any out-of-pocket fees? If students would like to purchase course material this is an out-of-pocket fee but not required. Students who fail or miss a final will have ONE opportunity to make up the final by paying a fee of $35 to retake a final. 

The school is not designed to cause students to fail...Students who fail finals or miss finals are because of a lack of responsibility and accountability. If you want your education to be free then submit yourself to studying and learning by taking the courses SERIOUSLY.

Graduation fee?

A fee of $75 will be required for graduation. This fee covers your framed degree, transcripts, administration fee, and postal mail.

Will I receive a degree at the completion of my school year? Yes

How long is the school year? 1 year

I don't have a GED, can I still register? Yes

Where do I send the printed documents? 

Stepping Stone Christian Education

c/o Dr. Asia Turner

7260 W. Azure Dr. STE 140-1077

Las Vegas, NV 89130

What days are classes on? Students can choose SATURDAY morning or Wednesday night. Classes are ONE day per week. The TWO (2) class sessions are for EVERYONE!

What classes will I be taking? REVIEW THE COURSES under Admissions

Do I need a computer? Yes, or you can use your phone.

Where will the classes be hosted? ZOOM. All students are required to use ZOOM for the classes and have access to a camera. 

Is this a real school? Yes, we are a real school and function as such. Attendance and your presence are required for the classes. All students are required to have their cameras on during the courses.

Do I have to live in Las Vegas, Nevada to attend SSCE? No, currently all classes are online.

Can students in other countries join the classes? Yes

International students are required to register online and submit via email a short paragraph stating: "The reason why I want to attend Stepping Stone Christian Education"  and email to

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS...If you did not complete your online registration correctly you will be required to submit another registration. The online registration form is your official registration form; enrollment packets will not be mailed to you.

You MUST sign the bottom of the form, FIRST and Last name are required.

Can I invite others? Yes

What if I am not a Christian can I still attend SSCE? Yes, however, we will not adjust our curriculum or apologize for anything we teach. 

What is the youngest age accepted at SSCE? 13... However, each student is accepted on a case-by-case basis. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check your emails. An email will be from Stepping Stone Christian Education add us to your contacts.





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