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WHO ARE YOU? Can you answer this question? The Mind goes blank and you think the question is irritating!!! You think its "such a broad question." Guess what! It's Not... This course will HELP you to discover "Who You Are" and point you in the direction to make better decisions for your life. Why? Glad you asked. People who are Self-Unaware are at a greater risk of being destroyed by the enemy; and being in position to pick relationship that are unhealthy. You may think you know you... You may think you have you all figured out and this course is useless. Sadly, MANY leaders, married couples and educated people have yet to answer this question correctly the FIRST time. The Word of God tells us that we are detroyed for lack of knowledge because we Reject knowledge Hosea 4:1. When you don't know whom you're in NO POSITION to be in a relationship. What do you have to lose by taking this course? Absolutely nothing... You will gain knowledge you've never had and therefore will have the upperhand over the enemy.

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